À La Content

Monthly Media

What is it: Monthly retainer of fresh content + social media management.

Who it's for:
You want a professional to manage your social media with great content and actual strategy for growth.

Deliverables: Depending on your strategy, you'll get photos, videos and recipe content monthly, as well as scheduled content posting and management of your social media accounts.

What is it: You need marketing content.

Who it's for:
You have a clear content strategy and you know exactly what you need. Now you just need someone to create the content and deliver it.

Deliverables: Depending on your strategy, this looks like a batch of styled photos, edited videos, original recipes, e-cookbooks, PDF's, or other printed marketing materials.

Strategy + Coffee

What is it: 1 Day live session to create a content strategy. Ideally over coffee, but over Zoom with coffee works, too.

Who it's for:
 You know you need content... or better and more consistent content, but what type exactly? What's the strategy? Photos? Reels? Recipes? Value? And how often? Let's make a plan.

Deliverables: End the session with a clear idea of what content you need to engage your audience, encourage user generated content, maintain steady growth, and track results. You'll receive a write-up of your content strategy moving forward, an ideal sample schedule, and visual direction.